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507 Cadet changeover a Berwick spectacle June 22 It's out with the old and in with the new, but the change of command ceremony planned for Sunday, June 22 is an jimmy choo heeled trainers even mix of both for the men involved.

While Capt. Doug Earle is stepping down as head of 507 F/Lt MacLean Air Cadets after over nine years, incoming Lt. Bruce Morse jimmy choo brown sandals can look back on 1985 to 1987, when he was area director for the squadron. "They wanted me to lead it then, but I flipped a coin: cadets or municipal politics," Morse says. Serving on Berwick town council for the next number of years won, along with jimmy choo red glitter service in the local Lions Club and with other groups, but "I wouldn't give it up for the world." That is, until friend Dave Thompson invited him to a few Air Cadet events. "Yes, and they asked me to come in and teach a course once," Earle says, comparing stories of how they became attached to 507 then and now. Morse is a more recent returnee to the reserves, while Earle has been involved for over 30 years. He's moving on to headquarters in Shearwater, where he'll be teaching officer training but will still have contact with cadets around the province. Morse is ready for a three year term as head of 507. "It's a great challenge, rewarding and I'm looking forward to maintaining the goals Capt. Earle has set for the unit," Morse says. June 22 at the Berwick Arena: Earle will march the squadron banner in with a cadet parade for Morse's inspection, hand over the banner and Morse will march the parade past Earle for review. "We'll be ready for that," Morse says. The men lead 55 youth, ages 12 to 19, in the 507 unit now, although there have been as many as 110 members. While they appreciate the military background to the leadership and citizenship training they promote, both agree they're involved because of the kids. "It's word of mouth that brings them to cadets," Earle says, "not the parades or the shiny boots. When the kids go into school after a trip, 'I was flying an Aurora all weekend.' Wow. "There are trips, we show them all kinds of opportunities and jobs for the future, there are provincial and national competitions. You're a follower, then you get a little job, then a little more leadership experience. Cadets helps youth make their mistakes in a safe place and train for their future." He says he'll miss that "flying a desk" at HQ, but "if you don't change, you become stagnant you need to stir the pot." That's one of the reasons for the change of command ceremony in Berwick, and event normally held at the unit's home quarters at Camp Aldershot. Berwick's Royal Canadian Legion Ortona 69 branch sponsors 507, and Morse and Earle want to show the town and its Legion members what they're doing. "The more people that come, the better," Morse jimmy choo flip flops says. The event will feature the 507 cadets and band, the signing ceremony, handover of the squadron banner and the promotion of Morse to captain; followed by a reception for those in the crowd. The 507 official awards dinner and closing takes place at the Legion in Berwick later that evening.

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