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    Jimmy Choo Yearn Suede Over The Knee Boots Whiskey clearance AV35

Jimmy Choo Yearn Suede Over The Knee Boots Whiskey clearance AV35


500 in North Yorkshire BMW Business CD with Aux Input.

I have owned the car for approaching three years now and it has been fastidiously jimmy choo green heels maintained. I took ownership at 55000 miles and have had nearly 30000 miles of perfect driving with it. I used to work outside of the UK so the car has not been used for short commuting journeys and predominantly regular longer motorway journeys which are of course much better for the engine you will be able to see from the condition of the front seats that jimmy choo booties this is not a car that has been jumped in and out of regularly! I have put a lot of time and effort into maintaining the car as I intended to keep it for much jimmy choo lance pink longer but with a recent change in career and house move I no longer require a vehicle as sad as it is to let it go! Regarding maintenance: I took the car with a standard full service history and then I have increased the service frequency on the car as I wanted to keep it in perfect condition (I have retained every invoice for servicing). The recommended oil to meet BMW's Longlife 04 specification has always been used (Castrol Edge FST 0W 40) it isn't cheap but absolutely worth it. The longest the car has been between an oil and filter change in my ownership is 7672 miles. (55000) Purchased with full service including brake pads. General servicing; the car has had a total of five oil and filter changes in my ownership. All with the highest spec Castrol as recommended by BMW as stated above. The spark plug sets have been replaced three jimmy choo mules times. I have every single invoice for the work which of course you are welcome to take with you when buying the car. (61293) Four new Bosch ignition coils installed along with new spark plugs. (This is a common parts issue on this car so I chose to pre empt any problems occurring). Major servicing: The car has just had a major service (82994) including: Oil, Filter, Air Filter, Cabin Filter, Spark Plugs, Front Brake Pads, Front Brake Discs, Front Wear Sensors, Rear Brake Pads, Rear Brake Discs, Rear Wear Sensors, Drive Belt Replacement. (Eicher Premium Braking Parts used). In addition; Rear Brake Hoses, Brake Fluid Change. (Carried out by BMW Specialist). Additional Work: The car has just been at a local Bosch Garage to have a four wheel laser alignment and steering geometry check in order to make it spot on I had the front track rods and track rod ends replaced at the same time. (At a cost of over 350). A full vehicle check was also conducted by the technicians (Stated on invoice). The car has also just had four brand new tyres fitted. The car has this month had a brand new windscreen fitted by Autoglass (including the rain sensors for the automatic wipers). Brand new wiper blades all around. Car regularly washed and polished with Auto Glym's Super Resin polish. I have also a number of times used Auto Glym's Clay Bar for deeper cleaning. This has of course just been done and I have also added an additional coat of Turtle Wax for more protection. Interior leather has been treated with BMW Care leather lotion. Interior plastics have been treated with BMW Care plastic emulsion on a regular basis. Regular checks on the vehicle in accordance with the Haynes Manual guidelines (You are welcome to take the Haynes Manual with the car if you wish I have kept lots of notes at the rear of the book detailing all work undertaken as well). Regular use of Cataclean at their recommended quarterly frequency in order to keep fueling and exhaust system clean. In the past month I have spent well over a 1000 on the car so it is in an excellent condition for you to drive away with. If you follow the maximum service interval the cars service computer is showing 16000 miles until its next oil service is due. MOT: The MOT expires 29/08/2017 to keep the current anniversary date the earliest the car can be presented is 30/06/2017. I am absolutely confident the car will pass without issue, therefore I am happy to present the car for an early MOT ahead of any purchase so you will drive away with a 12 month MOT. I have all the MOT papers from my ownership of the car. The car has never had any additional modifications or styling additions (with the exception of adding some M Sport carpets if that counts) nor has it ever been raced or driven hard for that matter. Being a 1.6 engine it is rather cheap to insure and tax (135/year). There are two noticeable stone chips on the bonnet close together. One measures approx 6mm x 3mm and one about 4mm x 2mm. There is a chip in the paint on the rear end of the car measuring approx 3mm x 2mm. I inherited the car with a slight dent in the passengers side rear door. It's hard to notice if you weren't looking for it. Its right at the bottom of the door and has caused an indentation of a few mm not too easy to say. As the paintwork has been regularly treated there is the slightest thin mark in the area but you have to look very closely. The alloy wheels could be in better cosmetic condition there is some curb damage and some paint has chipped off on the front two in a couple of areas only. As it's purely cosmetic I shall leave that one up to you. They are still looking very good though. The fabric section of the half leather seats in the front show some light marking. There is absolutely no rips or tears. I'm sure a good clean by a car upholstery cleaner would leave them looking brand new. The leather is excellent. The gear stick shows some wear the coating has worn around the very top area.

Steering Wheel also showing a little wear. The two cup holders in the centre; the rubberised plasic coating on the bases has peeled in areas. Being very honest for you so you know as much as possible about the car I will of course send pictures of any of the above if you wish.

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