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Jimmy Choo Foxy Lace-front Suede Ankle Boots Black sales BS11


374 Million Purchase Equation Video I'm Dan in new York and as the financial markets original on Wall Street for Monday September 29.

It's a story stock and jimmy choo ramona handbag one company that is on the rise. Einstein Bros. bagels stocks fourth parent company jimmy choo sandal heels Einstein Noah Restaurant Group more than doubled after a German agreed to buy it. For 374. Million dollars. So here with the whole story at a lot more puns on this when rates finance on Monday Rick how worried today hey great. A so breakdown this equation. That involves Einstein. Like anybody saw this coming and a lot of people know the brand Einstein. Bales and also his Manhattan Bagel company. But not I think anybody thought this company was a takeover target and out of nowhere. A German private equity firm said we want this company. They've made the deal it's not controversial looks very likely to go through. No wonder about that shareholders in Einstein are gonna get a huge premium up six dollars today which is about a 50% 50% higher than it was last week. So this gonna go through it and this company's gonna end up being owned by Germans private was a let me ask what do we about this German company following what we know one important thing which is they don't Peet's Coffee. And Caribou Coffee in a couple of brands like that also a couple unrelated things such as the Jimmy Choo shoe brand. So it's a little bit of I guess he called a small conglomerate but I think what they're going for here. Is the opportunity to bland coffee and bagels I mean obviously kind of goes together. Not really that simple anymore because. I think both of these are all we've been talking about. All want to go beyond the basic announced force or Einstein for instance has been trying to expand beyond bagels in two lunch time. Food and other things like that trying to get into the food business not just coffee. So probably this company said we see a great opportunity to put these two these two businesses together. Do you think then that because of their interest Banamex. Going into Europe. But not I'm not sure about that I I'm I'm not necessarily. I'm not sure bagels would be as popular in Europe as the even popular. Everywhere in the United States I think this is of more of US type of food and American type of food and I think the break the idea here is not global expansion I think it is. Let's put the two types of businesses together and see. If we can make something greater than the sum of the parts out of them. So what are similar to date chart and as far as how investors responded to all of this. Well you there's just you just see that huge jump in as the price. The price has been the reason it flat line today at about twenty dollars and fifteen cents is because the sent firms and were paying. The shareholders say god that's a lot more than we last week will take it. But if to expand that chart out a you know to look at year to date for instance you'd see something interesting which is that Einstein. Has not been doing great this year the overall market has been up a little bit Einstein has been down. That it is actually had some management turnover. That work reorganization plan so pro German firms said you gold sparkly jimmy choos know this the stock has been down this is probably a good buying opportunity let's get it. It is the bagel business still a booming business I mean obviously here in New York we sort of be used to the New York bagel as being right a mainstay but. But the rest of the country. No it's it's such interest Dan because it's not a booming business it's growing by a little bit every year but think about. Everything we know about people trying to avoid cards I mean that put that the media that's bagels right bad guys are the target that in in the that target. And that's one of the reasons Einstein for instance has been trying to they they keep saying trying to leave idolize their brand. And you know one way you do that is you try to introduce healthier items that are trend here want to buy. And now try to expand in you know probably another direction.

Well have to see if this forecast is gonna move the marketed grey jimmy choo trainers in the direction from Yahoo! finance Rick thanks so much have a good Monday intensive. For latest headlines I'm Dan Cutler New York. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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