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    Jimmy Choo Quito Snakeskin Bootie Multi official clearance CR30

Jimmy Choo Quito Snakeskin Bootie Multi official clearance CR30


360 Fly 4K camera v LG 360 CAM What's that, you say?Now we can create and share our own virtual reality videos at the click of a button?Trevor Clarke, research director for Asia Pacific at Tech Research Asia, says these gadgets are becoming cheaper and their easy integration with mobile phones and social media rose gold jimmy choo trainers platforms will drive uptake.

"All the data is quite positive for virtual reality at the moment," he says."Idon'tsee it as being mainstream in the Australian market this year,but if you take a longer term view five, 10years time then absolutely. VRhas legs."How does it work?360 degree videos need to be jimmy choo shoes india viewed in a special video player. But don't panic YouTube and Facebookalready have them.If you're viewing on jimmy choo red sandals a computer, all you need to do is press play and then click and drag the cursor on the video to look around.If you're viewing on a phone or tablet, you can move the screen around you to see the whole picture.And if you have a virtual reality headset, it's the real deal a fully immersiveexperience. Virtual postcards, here we come.Which camera should I buy?What type of 360 camera you go for will likely depend on a number of things: what type of video you want to shoot, what type of phone you haveand how much dough you plan to spend.Samsung and LG both have affordable 360 cameras (Samsung's release date is yet to be announced, but we're told it's "soon") that integrate with smartphone apps. You'll need a Samsung phone to use the Samsung app.If you're willing to pay a bit more, you'll get higher quality video and more features, but the learning curve may be higher.We tried a couple at both ends of the scale.The easy option: LG 360 CAMThis is as simple as it gets the "point and shoot" equivalent of 360 degree filming.The 360 CAM is a little silver stick that fits comfortably in your hand and has a plastic cover. It weirdly reminds me of a deodorant stick. You can mount it on a tripod or other standard camera gear.I'm not the biggest fan ofLG'sG5 smartphone, which this camera was launched with.

Fortunately the 360 CAM app works on other jimmy choo snakeskin heels Androidphones and supposedly iPhones as well, although I'veread various reports ofproblemswith the iOS app.To operate the camera you'll need to buy a memory card but apart from that it's as simple as charging the battery via USB and off you go. The 1200mAh battery should give you at least an hour of video.

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